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Looking after your bow

A few do's and dont's...


Keep it in a woollen or cloth longbow bag, in a cool dry place.


Rub it well from time to time with a soft cloth/duster to check for and surface damage that may have occurred.


Check the string periodically on the loop and serving.


Wax the string approximately twice a year.


Use your longbow stringer at all times, stringing your bow any other way can damage it and void your warranty.


If your longbow has to be sent back for any reason, I will be more than happy to take a look and make sure it meets our high standards, but we ask you're responsible for all postage costs including the return of your bow.



Store your bow by a radiator, in a dry atmosphere or leave in your car on a sunny day.


Keep it strung after you have finished your round. It is not necessary to let it down between ends. 


Hold it at full draw for any significant period of time (like you would with a modern bow).


Dry loose (shoot it without an arrow).


Over stress the upper limb using a stringer. Never use a recurve stringer, only a long bow stringer or this will void your warranty. (We will supply you with a longbow stringer but if you decide to purchase a new one, make sure you buy a longbow specific stringer).


Damage the wood, particularly the backing. If damaged, such as a bruise or "lifting" occurs, or if a chrysal or compression fracture appears on the belly, seek our/bowyers advice. This sort of problem can often be corrected if caught early enough.


Draw your bow beyond its tillered draw-length. Drawing it further will put you and your bow at risk of damage.

When you string your new bow, always make sure you have the bamboo facing upward, stringing the bow the opposite way up WILL break it.


Know your draw weight?

Know your Bracing height.

22" - 121 to 127mm

23" - 124 to 130mm

24" - 127 to 133mm

25" - 130 to 136mm

26" - 133 to 140mm

27" - 136 to 143mm

28" - 140 to 146mm

29" - 143 to 150mm

30" - 146 to 153mm

31" - 150 to 156mm

32" - 153 to 159mm

Bracing height



your after sales bow care information & warranty

We recommends the use of a double looped stringer to string the bow. If your bow breaks within 3 months we will replace it F.O.C. 3 to 6 months you will be charged 50% of what you originally paid. Six to twelve months you will be charged 75% of what you originally paid.

Before a replacement is sent out the original bow must be returned to us for inspection. For any items that that have to be repaired or replaced during or after the warranty period the customer is liable for the carriage.

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