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Customers Bows

I have two bows from Adrian, a 3 Laminate Intermediate bow, 38@26 and a 4 Laminate Performance bow 46@26. What can I say, both bows are beautifully made, Aidy somehow manages to make the detail in the wood really pop with a lovely contrast between the wood types, all coming together to make two very different but equally good looking bows. Performance? They shoot as good as they look, they are slim yet light and extremely powerful. My 46Lb feels like a sniper rifle going off. They are tailored perfectly for me so I can pull back to a silky smooth full draw with no stacking all day long yet the sheer speed of these bows makes the draw weight feel heavier than it is... They are super fast all adding up for some seriously accurate shoots. They have got plenty of comments down at the club especially because of the bamboo backing and they get some smiles when I shoot them. I also have a set of Strela arrows that match both bows perfectly, every arrow flying straight. The quality of my kit from Aidy is second to none and for the price you can't go wrong! He's a real gent to boot, great service, great bows :)

Olli Wilson

Leeds, Yorkshire

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